Thursday 20th September, 2018

Not Footscray Games

Round 8 of 20 from 1968
3rd & 4th quarter action
Commentators: Ian Cleland, Alan Killigrew & Tony Charlton from GTV 9
Some of the Collingwood cast
Gary Wallis #4,  Ernie Hug #7,  Peter Boyne #8, 
Peter Patterson #17,  Dennis Le Gassick #34,  Ron Moylan #41
Collingwood Coach: Bobby Rose
Collingwood Captain: Terry Waters #2 (acting for) Des Tuddenham
Some of the Melbourne cast
Max Walker #1,  John Townsend #16,  Brian (Doc) Roet #23, 
Greg Parke #26,  Derek Feldmann #28,  Ray Groom #31
Melbourne Coach: John Beckwith
Melbourne Captain: Hassa Mann #29
Field Umpire(s): Jeff Crouch
Boundary Umpire(s): Graham Baker & Rodney Tanner
Goal Umpire(s): Les Robinson & Maxwell Lingwood- Smith
Well how did he do that? What a remarkable performance by Twiggy.
Tony Charlton
Saturday 8th June 1968 from Victoria Park, Abbotsford
What was Footscray’s nearest game to that day?
Footscray vs. South Melbourne
Same Day
Round 8 of 20
Saturday 8th June 1968
Western Oval, Footscray
Is there action of that game on Footscray Tube?
North Melb
Round 17 of 22 from 1982
Action from the 2nd quarter
Commentators: Bob Skilton & Jack Edwards from HSV 7
Some of the North Melb cast
Doug Smith #5,  Craig Holden # 11,  Xavier Tanner #25, 
Mario Turco #35,  Graeme Atkins #36,  Brad Nimmo #40
North Melb Coach: Barry Cable
North Melb Captain: Wayne Schimmelbusch #20
Some of the Melbourne cast
Michael O'Sullivan #6,  Stephen Icke #11,  Kelly O'Donnell #23, 
Glenn McLean #26,  Roger Ellingworth #34,  Paul O'Brien #40
Melbourne Coach: Ronnie Barassi
Melbourne Captain: Robbie Flower #2
Field Umpire(s): Tony Bryant & John Morgan
Boundary Umpire(s):
Goal Umpire(s): < Robert Gilham & Bernie Lowden >
Goal umpire hardly moves and indicates that Arnold Briedis has now kicked three goals from three kicks.... and that is three not free.
Bobby Skilton
Saturday 24th July 1982 from Arden Street
What was Footscray’s nearest game to that day?
Sydney vs. Footscray
Next Day
Round 17 of 22
Sunday 25th July 1982
from the Sydney Cricket Ground
Is there action of that game on Footscray Tube?
Round 14 of 22 from 1983
Action from the 3rd & 4th quarters
Commentators: Peter Booth & Geoff Leek from ABC 2
Some of the Essendon cast
Ronnie Andrews #4,  Garry Foulds #10,  Alan Stoneham #11, 
Wayne Otway #15,  Stephen Copping #24,  Michael Thomson #34
Essendon Coach: Kevin Sheedy
Essendon Captain: Terry Daniher #5
Some of the Fitzroy cast
Matthew Rendell #9,  Laurie Serafini #10,  Darryl Cox #11, 
David McMahon #19,  Michael Reeves #28,  Glenn Coleman #32
Fitzroy Coach: Robert Walls
Fitzroy Captain: Garry Wilson #29
Field Umpire(s): Shane Carbines & Ian Robinson
Boundary Umpire(s):
Goal Umpire(s):
"That was a pathetic shot for goal by Timmy Watson, gave the ball into the breeze too much air not enough oomph behind it and luckily it's come off"
Peter Booth
Saturday 25th June 1983 from Windy Hill
What was Footscray’s nearest game to that day?
Melbourne vs. Footscray
Same day simultaneously
Round 14 of 22
Saturday 25th June 1983
Melbourne Cricket Ground
Is there action of that game on Footscray Tube?