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Footscray Players 1925-2008


All of the 935 VFL/AFL from 1925-2008

AFL Tables Stats - by rLeague

The quickest and best way to find out information regarding each and every one of the 935 footballers that has played at least one game for the Footscray Football Club or Footscray Trading as W.B from our first game in the VFL in May 1925, is to go to the AFL Tables website- which has its banner image directly above and also at the bottom of this page.

AFL Tables is in the opinion of FNWB the best Australian Rules football website on the entire internet. It is easy to read understand and navigate through

This below is how the Footscray section is presented although you won’t be able to go directly to all of it from here at this point

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The above is shaded out, so it won’t take you straight there. However by clicking the blue coloured ‘All Time Player List’ below, you can visit the Footscray and Footscray trading as W.B. section of the AFL Tables website. This has different schemes of Footscray players in listings. There are charts in the orders of – Alphabetical, Chronological, Most games played and then in reverse.

Through and through

So from 1954 Premiership player Angus Abbey through to Charlie Zinnick, the 18 men who played in Footscray’s first VFL game against Fitzroy in 1925 through to the most recent addition – Sam Reid, then the 341 games of Chris Grant, through to all those men who played the one game for Footscray or Footscray trading as W.B. They are all here in the AFL Tables website – so just click the blue linked part below and you will be transferred directly to the sub-chapters of the Footscray sections. There is plenty of information regarding other Footscray statistics with rival clubs and also other sporting codes are catered for as well.

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Western Bulldogs
(Footscray 1925-1996)

So to go directly to the AFL Tables website – just click its banner BELOW and you will be taken straight there to its home page. Surely anyone with a love of the history of both their own team and the Victorian Football League as a whole would be impressed by AFL Tables. So please visit it- most definitely well worth your time.

AFL Tables Stats - by rLeague