Sunday 26th May, 2024

Footscray Jumpers


This image below is a fair dinkum football guernsey we could wear with pride. Thanks to Rob Meredith for his proposed new jumper that would look great and is totally appropriate as the Footscray guernsey.

Proposed Jumper

This is a fine looking modern jumper that Mero has put forward which includes the sponsors and the AFL Logo. My personal preference would be have a few slight modifications. With the back of the jumper I would like to see the sponsor ‘Lease Plan’ on the blue part of the back rather than the white band. I would like the white to circle the jumper undisturbed by anything else. This is the same with the red band, for me the red and white should be complete, with nothing else on them, be it sponsors or numbers. The white number would be wholly on the blue back and should not at all encroach upon the red band. So lets keep the red and white horizontal bands uncluttered. Now to the collar, I would like the white V to return with the red collar that Mero has there now. In simplistic terms it would be the same collar arrangement as the 1975-1979 jumper. Throw in the multi-coloured socks as Mero has them here as well, rather than what we have now. Now some see this next proposal as a radical move and it often draws ridicule, but I still prefer the red shorts. Some laugh at this (and that’s ok we all have our own opinions) but for me the red shorts of the 1975-1978 period looked great coupled with the red and white for the collar and V neck respectively. If these components of the 1975-1978 uniform could be merged in with the pre-1975 jumper, we would have the best jumper going around by miles. We don’t need the “Yawning Cat” on the guernsey at all. It trivialises the club and us as supporters. We are a mature adult sporting organisation, not little children in their smocks at kindergarten or Preps in primary school listening to the teacher reading us Mr Greedy, Mr Uppity or any of the other Mr Men books.

Now underneath are the jumpers worn by Footscray from the earliest days up to the present era of Western and they have all been kindly supplied by Rob Meredith (Mero) who is a Western Bombers fan

Rob’s website is the excellent You can also find a link to this on our Links page. He has jumpers from day one for all clubs and looking at our guernseys Mero has added number 22 to the back. I’m not sure if that is supposed to be Wally Donald, Ted Whitten Junior, Mark Cullen, Peter Quill or someone else.

Also you can see where initially the club played in two colours not three. The red being incorporated to the uniform a bit later.

Footscray Jumper 1874
Footscray Jumper 1883
Footscray Jumper 1886
Footscray Jumper 1887
Footscray Jumper 1890
Footscray Jumper 1894
Footscray Jumper 1896
Footscray Jumper 1898
Footscray Jumper 1901
Footscray Jumper 1912
Footscray Jumper 1925-34
Footscray Jumper 1935
Footscray Jumper 1936-37, 1939-43, 1971-74
1936-37, 1939-43, 1971-74
Footscray Jumper 1938
Footscray Jumper 1944-45
Footscray Jumper 1946-50, 1952-70
1946-50, 1952-70
Footscray Jumper 1951
Footscray Jumper 1975-79
Footscray Jumper 1980-96
Footscray Jumper 1997-98
Footscray Jumper 1999-2005
Footscray Jumper 2006
Footscray Jumper 2007-Present