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Been Gone Too Long To Change Back

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We have been Western Bulldogs for awhile now; it is too long to change back? Too long, so what do the the inhabitants of St Petersburg think? The city changed back to St Petersburg in 1991. They had not been known as St Petersburg since 1914.


City of Footscray – Lack of Gratitude

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Back in 1994 the then Victorian State Government amalgamated local councils across Victoria and this technically came into being late in that year. The result was that councils became bigger in their physical size but also nearly all had their names changed. So those who lived in Werribee are no longer receiving their services or paying their rates to the City of Werribee. From late 1994 their rates were now collected for the City Of Wyndham. That was just one of the name changes.



Footscray Players in Chronological Order 1925-2010

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Here is a modified listing taken directly from the AFL TABLES Website. To go straight to the AFL Tables Website you can reach it by clicking this link below. This sub-chapter presents all the men to have played at least one senior game for Footscray between 1925 and up to the end of May 2010. It takes in all the different names of both competition and club. The full comprehensive list can be found at this link below from the fantastic AFL Tables website. That full table has columns that provide the players height, weight, date of birth and their actual age in years and days for their first and final games for Footscray. That information was cut out of the FNWB Chart to allow for easier reading and printing.


Footscray Numbers 1925-2009

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This chapter mentions every number between 1-60 and the Footscray player who wore that particular guernsey. Only the number 56 has not been recorded as being on the back of a Footscray footballer in a senior game between 1925 and the end of 2009. It needs to be mentioned that the games and goals are for all Footscray games and goals in all numbers for the individual player, not just that specific number. For example the bloke who once sported number 60 didn’t wear it in all of his 283 games, so this chapter is about the actual number and who has worn it, even if only once or under a handful of times.